Wine organic red white wine vino tinto blanco ecológico Bodegas Latue

Wine organic red white wine  vino tinto blanco ecológico Bodegas Latue

Wine organic red white wine vino tinto blanco ecológico in 1954, a group of enterprising winegrowers founded San Isidro Cooperative. In 2007, San Isidro, with more than 50 years of experience and a great human team has developed Bodegas Latúe. We are setting up an innovative concept that will place our product in emerging markets. With Bodegas Latúe, San Isidro is writing its own story.

Wine organic red white wine vino tinto blanco ecológico .While traveling in the southeast direction, on La Mancha’s wine route through highway N 301, we find Bodegas Latúe. It is appropriately surrounded by a great landscape of vineyards continuously evolving that maintains an annual natural growth progress.

Bodegas Latúe wines are produced in Villanueva de Alcardete, in the province of Toledo, Spain. Villanueva de Alcardete is located in an unusual place in the Gigüela’s river bank and in the heart of La Mancha, where the Cuenca, Toledo, Ciudad Real and Albacete provinces meet. The special climate conditions of this zone are transferred to its wines.

Bodegas Latúe exists through the dedicated hard work of 600 experienced vine growers that have developed, nurtured and harvested vines for over three generations. As a result of this tremendous experience, we were able to establish one of the most important and ambitious international establishments in the wine industry.

The 600 vine growers among 6,200 hectares of vineyards annually provide quality organic grapes to Bodegas Latúe. This area is the approximate size of 6,200 European Football (Soccer) fields and represents Bodegas Latúe as the world’s largest manufacturer of wine and grape juice produced from organic farming. The more than three generations of quality farming massive vineyards, created a vibrant legacy among families of vine growers serving the great region of La Mancha.

Wine organic red white wine vino tinto blanco ecológico .Bodegas Latúe produces different wines depending on the varieties of grapes, giving priority to the indigenous La Mancha varieties such as Airén for white wines and Tempranillo for red wines. Periodically other white and red varieties of grapes have been introduced. The varieties of Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Verdejo and Macabeo produce fresh and crispy white wines. Garnacha, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah create full bodied and expressive red wines.

wine vino bodega

wine vino bodega


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